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Successful training day for our Singapore & Asia distributor.

We were delighted to be able to host Thomas Tan and Cheryl Fong of Audio Light Asia, our respected Electro Kabuki distributor for Asia based in Singapore. Thomas and Cheryl visited us for EK training. It is the first time we’ve met, and the day proved very productive.

The whole point of the Electro Kabuki system is that it’s designed to be straightforward to set up and simple (and dependable) to use. Nonetheless, training helps to convey just how easy it is to configure an effective kabuki drop. It also lets us introduce and demonstrate more sophisticated reveal effects, including staged drops and flop & drop configurations.

Although we’re all used to dealing with our business colleagues remotely, this training day with Thomas and Cheryl proved how enjoyable and effective it is to be able to collaborate in person. These top people at Audio Light (Thomas is MD, Cheryl a director) are now fully briefed on Electro Kabuki’s capabilities and ready to communicate that to their expanding Asia customer base.

Photo caption: Audio Light MD Thomas Tan (left), Director Cheryl Fong (centre) and Magnet Schultz EK specialist Tim Lloyd (right).

The Flints Team Gets Hands-on with Electro Kabuki

Just before Christmas, we hosted a team from our London-based Electro Kabuki distributors Flints at our HQ in Surrey. This was the first of what we expect will be many training sessions on the EK system over the next few years for Flints and other distributors.

Our distributors have staff who field questions on Electro Kabuki from their customers. Sometimes they’re technical queries; sometimes it’s about price and quite often it’s about what’s possible with the Electro Kabuki system. We took the opportunity to bring the Flints crew up to date.

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Electro Kabuki – Always Ex-Stock

Sometimes the day after tomorrow isn’t soon enough. It may be a small point, but we know fast delivery is often a big issue for professionals in an industry that’s famous for tight deadlines. That’s why all Electro Kabuki components, parts, spares and systems are held in stock at our UK headquarters in Surrey, ready for immediate despatch worldwide.

In addition, our distributors also hold stock of Electro Kabuki parts and spares. That gives you plenty of ‘just-in-time’ options should you ever need something in a hurry.

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Three Ways to Source Your EK System.

We thought it would be worth pointing out to all our blog readers that a comprehensive array of support exists for anyone who wants to purchase an Electro Kabuki system.

We have made the EK selection process as easy as possible via the Get A Quote page. But we know that specifying the right components for more sophisticated kabuki drop applications might still appear daunting. We’re here to help.

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The Kooks get silhouetted then revealed thanks to EK

West London-based Electro Kabuki user, Colour Sound Experiment Ltd, deployed its EK system as part of a bespoke touring lighting and effects package built and rigged for ‘alt rockers’ The Kooks, for the band’s recent The Best of… so Far tour. The tour closed with a high-profile gig at London’s Alexandra Palace, which required extra lighting production.

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Reveal up to 4 Thai Ladyboys with the new EK Firing Box!

A new basic firing box has been added to the EK accessory line-up. The 4-way box is only termed ‘basic’ because it deploys the straightforward push-button firing mechanism of the standard Basic Firing Box – but this new model offers the ability to fire up to four strings of EK modules, one string at a time, so there’s nothing ‘basic’ about that.

With simplicity in mind, the new firing box features a rotary switch to select each of the circuits.

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