The Flints Team Gets Hands-on with Electro Kabuki

Just before Christmas, we hosted a team from our London-based Electro Kabuki distributors Flints at our HQ in Surrey. This was the first of what we expect will be many training sessions on the EK system over the next few years for Flints and other distributors.

Our distributors have staff who field questions on Electro Kabuki from their customers. Sometimes they’re technical queries; sometimes it’s about price and quite often it’s about what’s possible with the Electro Kabuki system. We took the opportunity to bring the Flints crew up to date.

We think Electro Kabuki is incredibly straightforward. But as we designed and manufacture the system, that’s to be expected. Yes, EK is a sophisticated engineered solution – it has to be to ensure it’s 100% reliable. Nothing less will do. But we strove to make it simple too. Rigging EK is easy. The Flints team agreed. Some of the options that help to get the most out of Electro Kabuki, like setting up more complex reveals such as phased drops and Flop & Drop, may be less obvious, we admit. But they’re very easy too, once you know how.

As the old saying goes: ‘Even the most difficult question is easy if you know the answer’. Our job was to give the answers.

The day began with a demo to set the context of what EK does. Our Electro Kabuki demo system is rigged to show a Flop & Drop. After a quick factory tour and a short presentation followed by a spot of light lunch, the entire Flints team asked to go and play around with the demo system again. This time they knew what to expect and how to test the system. Certain ‘adventurous’ members of the Flints crew tried their best to foil the system by disconnecting cables and leaving safety tabs in place. But thanks to the knowledge gained from our training session and discussions earlier in the day, everyone knew how to immediately identify and rectify those issues.

The hands-on experience proved invaluable. It’s clear that the Flints team finished the day appreciating what Electro Kabuki can do. And we finished the day appreciating the effort the Flints people made to take part and the interest they showed.

We declare the first Electro Kabuki training day a resounding success.


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