Theatre School Compares ‘Kabuki’ Options

The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama has undertaken a trial of theatrical drop options, including our EK system. For now, all we know is that EK came out top in the test against other ways of dropping a curtain or drape.

We were more than happy to provide the EK kit on loan and of course delighted to hear of the outcome – but can’t pretend we were entirely surprised.

Why? Because the original philosophy behind the Electrokabuki development programme here at Magnet Schultz Limited was to use our electromagnetic engineering skills to create the world’s most dependable kabuki drop solution.

The events industry was becoming increasingly reticent (to say the least) about factoring drop reveals into launches and events; it just wasn’t a reliable proposition. Almost every staging company we talked to had horror stories of failed drops and releases ruining high-profile shows. But with the advent of our meticulously-engineered EK systems, all that has changed – and it’s great to receive independent affirmation. So our thanks to the RWCMD.

The Cardiff-based College (set in the grounds of Cardiff Castle, bordering one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in the UK) is producing a video showing the test comparison procedure. We hope to get hold of a copy soon and will post it to this blog space. Watch this space…

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