Silence is Golden!

Apologies to 60’s pop group The Tremeloes, but yes, silence really is golden. Especially so if you’re staging a theatrical reveal during an opera or ballet. Or a conspicuously quiet moment during a stage play, for that matter.

Did you know that Electro Kabuki’s dropper modules are completely silent? They go about their job reliably and 100% dependably without so much as a whisper, let alone a shout.

But we really should shout about it!

Total silence in operation is just one advantage of Electro Kabuki that we probably take for granted (though we did specifically make it a design goal when we developed the system). It’s highly likely that many potential Electro Kabuki customers may not have factored this into their purchase or selection decision. Yes, Electro Kabuki is silent. Take that into consideration when pondering the applications for your kabuki drop or theatrical reveal system.

Even with a full 50kg load on every hook, Electro Kabuki dropper modules make no noise when released. Equally, and unlike many mechanisms, Electro Kabuki operates flawlessly and silently with absolutely no load at all. Our ingenious precision-engineered electromagnetic technology and special hook profile means it doesn’t rely on the weight of the curtain, drape or mannequin to actuate the release.

Just press the fire button and listen to the gasps of amazement from the audience.

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