RADA Production uses Electro Kabuki reveal.

Here at Electro Kabuki, we’re enthusiastic when anyone expresses an interest in our kabuki drop system. And we’re keen to encourage the next generation of inspirational and creative people into the staging and theatre industry.

That’s why we immediately agreed to a very polite request from the students at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London for the loan of an Electro Kabuki system. RADA was to stage one of its biggest musical shows of the year – Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods.

The entire production was down to the students – actors, stage crew, producer, director, musicians, the whole lot. The staging in the second act called for a kabuki drop of a painted backcloth drape the full width of the stage; an effect made all the more dramatic by strobe lighting and powerful audio to represent a storm, during which the rear of the stage was revealed.

The student crew rigged the Electro Kabuki dropper modules to the grid. The resulting kabuki drop was flawless for every performance of the play.

Apart from introducing a new group of soon-to-be industry professionals to the joys, simplicity and dependability of Electro Kabuki, our reward was to be invited to a performance as VIP guests, which included a private tour of the impressive RADA facilities.

It was tremendous to see Electro Kabuki perform right on cue, and also great to witness the sheer professionalism of the cast and all involved in the production. Within about 30 seconds of the start of the performance, everyone in the theatre had long forgotten that this was a musical staged by students.

Well done to them all. And our special thanks to Ari Burleigh for making us so welcome. And for the kind acknowledgement in the programme.

Our own acknowledgement to Scott Rylander Photos for permission to use images of the musical production.

RADA entrance      


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