Parachuting Brussels Sprouts!

We are hugely grateful to one of our prestigious Electro Kabuki customers, London’s Old Vic Theatre, for sending us some fascinating video clips. these show how the theatre crew rigged and tested various kabuki drops, including parachuting Brussels sprouts (yes, we kid you not!), used in its recent festive extravaganza – a staging of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (starring Stephen Tompkinson as Ebenezer Scrooge) that received an impressive succession of 5-star reviews.

We may have moved beyond the festive season, and most of us are hoping that the chance of snow has long passed, but we think you’ll agree that the staging at the Old Vic would be both admirable and imaginative at any time of year.

Kabuki drops used in the show included releases for swinging lanterns and, perhaps most famously, the parachuting Brussels sprouts.

EK did its job flawlessly. The video above shows the Brussels Sprouts in action during the live show. But check out the staging crew’s ‘test drop‘ for the venerable vegetables (kindly provided especially for us at Electro Kabuki by the Old Vic).



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