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Now you see it, now you don’t! Rigging EK live in a dance show.

News just in from one of our Electro Kabuki users in the US. Our friends at Cedar Point, a top amusement park in Ohio (and known as the roller coaster capital of the world) sent us a cool video showing how they use an EK drop in the middle of a live pyrotechnic and laser-filled music and dance performance. And it all takes place outdoors! That’s no problem for the EK system – it’s fully weatherproof.

What’s unusual about this EK implementation is that the crew rigs the drape on the stage floor, just behind the main live action, almost as part of the show. Then they hoist it aloft and project onto it, before finishing with a perfectly timed drop. It’s a great stage effect. And it’s perfect proof of just how easy is it to rig Electro Kabuki – this staging crew can do it live, in real time.

Run the video clip above on the EK YouTube Channel. It was shot during the final Cedar Point dress rehearsal.

Or watch the whole rehearsal clip here – The EK rigging starts around the 15-minute mark.

Our sincere thanks to Charles Bradshaw at Cedar Point for thinking to send this to us. It looks like a great show!


Magnets for Her Majesty

Not every theatrical reveal lends itself perfectly to Electro Kabuki, though most do. But this high-profile event, staged by our very good friends at FE UK Ltd, demanded a perfect reveal for a new war memorial sculpture in London’s Victoria Embankment Gardens to be unveiled by The Queen.

The drape covering the sculpture needed to drop to the ground for the reveal, with the world’s press watching and beneath the gaze of 2500 military veterans. No pressure there, then!

FE UK chose an approach similar to one they used before (on a statue of Ronald Reagan). At that time, they came to us at Magnet Schultz Ltd to source electromagnets and successfully used these to reveal the US President. They came back to us again, because “we’re the boys!”

The magnets we delivered to FE UK are from the same range of units we use inside the Electro Kabuki module. With that engineering pedigree, everyone knows they’re completely reliable and more than fit for purpose. In this installation, the magnets were used to hold the royal blue drape that covered the bronze memorial medallion, itself supported by two monoliths of Portland Stone by renowned sculptor Paul Day. We agree that an Electro Kabuki module would have looked too conspicuous.

The drape duly fell to the ground on command, as Her Majesty pressed the release button mounted on a small wooden podium alongside the towering sculpture. A fine outcome for everyone.

Watch the BBC News footage here:

Wireless Balloon Drop

As a famous bear once said “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon“! But what if you had thousands of balloons? Surely that’s enough to put a smile on the faces of a whole crowd of people. Just recently we were involved in a giant cargo net release filled with countless multi-coloured balloons over an auditorium filled with hundreds of people.

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