Should you hire or buy Electro Kabuki? It depends…

If you need to stage a reveal or curtain drop while being absolutely certain that your effect will work perfectly first time every time, you really have no choice about the mechanics: it must be Electro Kabuki.

if you don’t already own EK, you have a choice. Do you hire or should you purchase?

There are arguments in favour of each. It comes down to the scale of your kabuki drop rig or how often you’ll be rigging these types of theatrical reveals.

Now that our proven EK technology has made kabuki drops dependable, these reveals have become very popular. It’s a technique people increasingly ask for.

Electro Kabuki Starter Kits are a cost-effective way to get into owning enough EK components to stage impressive reveals whenever you wish. And you can always hire additional EK dropper modules and cabling for big reveals at larger events.

If, like some of our customers, you stage large events regularly and use EK frequently, simple economics usually justify a purchase.

Talk to us or any of our EK distributors about pricing that suits your staging needs and your budget.

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