Fancy your EK with no strings attached? Let us know what you think.

We’re looking at options to take EK wireless – hence the ‘no strings attached’ headline. Should really be ‘no cables attached’, but you get the idea.

We already have EK users out there in entertainment land who have implemented their own wireless EK systems. Our friends at Wiltshire-based Quantum SFX developed their own control system based around our EK modules. They often deploy this wireless kabuki drop solution as part of their remit in staging prestigious events. If you need a pyrotechnics and special effects company to stage your event, give Quantum a call.

Our other options include developing our own wireless solution. A feasibility study is on our schedule. What we’d really like to know is the potential level of interest. We design and build EK modules and controllers. So no one knows the innermost details of Electro Kabuki engineering like us, which is why we’re favourably disposed to the notion of wireless.

What benefits does wireless control offer?

First, you get to dump all the cables. Aside from the rigging convenience this affords, it opens up opportunities to control your EK system from distances not practical with cables – like from half-a-kilometre away! Could be invaluable in a large arena or outdoor festival.

You also get to control every EK module independently. That permits fancy reveals like end-to-end, centre-out or outside-in drape peel and zip effects. Impressive.

Independent EK module control offers further advantages for theatre productions where props need to be dropped at selected points during a performance. Wireless EK lets you rig any number of single modules above a stage and release each one-at-a-time, right on cue. That’s sure to delight the audience.

Maybe there are applications we haven’t imagined. Please let us know how you’d use Wireless EK. We would welcome your feedback and will include your thoughts, observations and possible uses in our feasibility programme.

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