Now UK customers can order Electro Kabuki online.

If you’re reading this news, you may have already noticed a change to the layout of the menu bar at the top of this website.

We have added a new Store function for online Electro Kabuki shopping. It allows the selection and purchase of Electro Kabuki systems, dropper modules, parts, accessories and spares, right from this website, with online payment options included.

For the time being, this new shopping cart functionality is only available to customers with shipping destinations in the UK and currency in pounds sterling. This is while we thoroughly prove the robustness and integrity of our new eCommerce system. As someone here at Electro Kabuki was overheard saying: “the entire EK system enjoys a reputation for being engineered to perfection, we need to ensure that our online transactions are equally flawless.”

But rest assured, once our Electro Kabuki team is satisfied with the online ordering, payment processing and despatch procedures, we plan to roll out the function to other geographic regions.

Please take a look at the new Electro Kabuki online Store. You’ll find upwards of 20 lines including all the favourites. In fact, our entire product and accessory range is available here. The shopping cart automatically accounts for weight to calculate the shipping charges for delivery to UK destinations by secure courier within 3 to 5 business days.

If you’re one of our overseas Electro Kabuki customers, please bear with us. You can still order EK systems and accessories by using our Get A Quote page on this website. That allows you to assemble a list of parts, specify the product characteristics (like operating voltage, for example) and send that list directly to us for a quotation, which will include shipping costs to your destination.

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