Flexible enough to send you round the bend!

With Electro Kabuki, riggers can go right round the bend! Unlike some systems, Electro Kabuki dropper modules are individual units, each featuring independent mounting options.

Use a Manfrotto clamp fixed to the top or back of the module. Mount dropper modules back-to-back with our special bracket (ideal for two-stage flop & drop reveals). Or use your own mechanism to attach the module to a truss.

Whatever the mounting preference, it puts no constraints on rigging a series of Electro Kabuki dropper modules on a curved path. Or in a complete circle, as used in many prestigious shows.

Check out the video from the First Baptist Church of Pasadena. How else would you conceal a giant Christmas-tree-shaped stage if not with a circular rig? And the Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games held in Turkmenistan in 2017 – that’s another fully-circular reveal of the legendary Oğuz Han, the central character.

Individual Electro Kabuki dropper modules are simply and easily linked by robust yet flexible cables with colour-coded connectors. They go around corners just fine.

There’s nothing rigid about the Electro Kabuki system or the way you have to rig it. You can take the drape round gentle corners, tight corners, along a curve, or make a right-angle change of direction at any point – or several right-angles to create a zig-zag. Dropper modules in the same run can even be mounted at different heights.

We designed Electro Kabuki to be flexible. Unrestricted mounting is just one aspect of that. So feel free to go round and round in circles if that’s your thing!

Acknowledgement to Eurotruss for S-shape truss image

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