Christmas arrives early for EK in Texas

While most of us are still enjoying the last remnants of summer (apologies to our readers in the Southern hemisphere), some members of the Electro Kabuki community are already headlong into Christmas plans.

A new order for Electro Kabuki with DMX control arrived from the First Baptist Church Pasadena recently, and we despatched the system last week. Many churches in the US are avid users of Electro Kabuki.

For this application, the organisers of Christmas festivities at the church tell us that the EK system will be used to reveal the church’s Singing Christmas Tree performance. The Church is famous for this annual event, which has been held for the past 33 years and enjoyed by over 150,000 people in that time. The EK rig will use 11 modules arranged in a 180° arc from the church’s central circular ceiling truss. It will reveal the 32-foot-tall Tree holding 170 singers and decorated with 10,000 lights.

That’s what we know for now, but we really look forward to bringing you the full experience soon after Christmas. This looks to be the first time the church has used a reveal effect, so we hope to get hold of some video. We wish them every success with the festive rigging, rehearsals and performances in the meantime.

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