Welcome to Electro Kabuki 2

It’s the global high-tech solution you need to guarantee a faultless reveal or drop for your staged events. Misfires, faulty releases and snagged drapes are a thing of the past. EK2 is easy to rig, even easier to operate and works flawlessly, first time, every time.

EK2 is always in stock for immediate delivery worldwide.

Simple to Operate

Press the fire button. Watch all your EK modules drop simultaneously. That’s it!

Works Everytime

The unique EK hook design lets go of anything. Every time. Even when there’s no load.

Easy to Rig

Attach your EK modules to a lighting rail or rig. Link them up. Arm and you’re ready to go.

Fully Expandable

The entire EK system is modular. That’s the whole idea. So it’s easy to extend when you need to.

Optimised Performance

Electro Kabuki modules can operate in a single circuit or in two separate circuits, all from one controller. Even with the standard firing box, you can drop both circuits together if you wish. Want more sophistication? Then use the DMX firing box for fast, easy and reliable automation.

Diverse Configurations

There’s almost no limit to the size and scale of the kabuki reveals you can manage with the Electro Kabuki system. Popular configurations range from a simple basic drop with manual push-button firing, to multi-string phased drops with synchronised DMX automation. Or how about dropping a cargo net?

The new EK Starter Packs

Two new EK Starter Packs are now part of our standard product lineup - they provide everything you need for a simple kabuki drop in an easy-to-use kit.

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