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Three Ways to Source Your EK System.

We thought it would be worth pointing out to all our blog readers that a comprehensive array of support exists for anyone who wants to purchase an Electro Kabuki system.

We have made the EK selection process as easy as possible via the Get A Quote page. But we know that specifying the right components for more sophisticated kabuki drop applications might still appear daunting. We’re here to help.

  1. If you know your way around EK, you can go straight to the Get A Quote page here on this website. You’ll see a list of all the EK components. With these, you can build a system for any application – from simple manual drops to complex DMX-controlled multi-string reveals. There are even Starter Packs. If you’d like some examples of multi-string and phased drops, check out the configurations on the EK System You can also download the EK User Manual (in PDF format) from that page.
  1. Don’t forget our EK distributors. They can provide any component from the EK parts portfolio as well as complete systems. They also provide great advice on EK configurations, alongside a host of other staging and rigging resources.
  • Flints: Providing the theatre industry with a single source for specialist theatre hardware and paints.
  • AC Entertainment Technologies: A leading international provider of cutting-edge entertainment technology products and solutions.
  • Drape Kings: The industry leader in event drape & hardware.
  1. Get in touch with us directly at Electro Kabuki HQ. As the designers and manufacturer of EK, we can help you select and configure the EK system that’s perfect for you today while ensuring that it will be expandable tomorrow. That’s important as more than half of our EK customers come back for more components to extend their EK system. Send us an email at sales@electrokabuki.com or use the form on the Contact page.

Christmas arrives early for EK in Texas

While most of us are still enjoying the last remnants of summer (apologies to our readers in the Southern hemisphere), some members of the Electro Kabuki community are already headlong into Christmas plans.

A new order for Electro Kabuki with DMX control arrived from the First Baptist Church Pasadena recently, and we despatched the system last week. Many churches in the US are avid users of Electro Kabuki.

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The Kooks get silhouetted then revealed thanks to EK

West London-based Electro Kabuki user, Colour Sound Experiment Ltd, deployed its EK system as part of a bespoke touring lighting and effects package built and rigged for ‘alt rockers’ The Kooks, for the band’s recent The Best of… so Far tour. The tour closed with a high-profile gig at London’s Alexandra Palace, which required extra lighting production.

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The curious case of Electro Kabuki enquiries

Casting our eyes over the enquiry log for Electro Kabuki creates a sense of wonder at the diversity of the system’s geographic appeal – and generates more than a little curiosity about the kinds of organisations looking to deploy staged reveals. We despatch EK systems to the four corners of the globe. A quick glance at the enquiry log for the last couple of months alone shows the US, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, the UAE, Mexico, France, Germany and Iceland amongst others.

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Get DMX Automation from an EK Starter Pack

Since its introduction a couple of years back, our Basic EK Starter Pack has been pleasingly successful in helping to introduce staging professionals to the benefits, and rock-solid reliability, of Electro Kabuki.

For many of these people, being able to prove the dependability of the EK system before deploying it in anger at a high-profile event was key. And our special Starter Pack pricing means a minimal investment, which makes the whole thing affordable. It’s worth mentioning that a very high percentage of Starter Pack users have gone on to extend their EK systems significantly.

We began to notice an increasing number of EK enquiries asking about DMX control. It’s clear that some people need this automation option from the outset. As it turned out, that proved to be the case in many instances, but there was another motivator…

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Magnets for Her Majesty

Not every theatrical reveal lends itself perfectly to Electro Kabuki, though most do. But this high-profile event, staged by our very good friends at FE UK Ltd, demanded a perfect reveal for a new war memorial sculpture in London’s Victoria Embankment Gardens to be unveiled by The Queen.

The drape covering the sculpture needed to drop to the ground for the reveal, with the world’s press watching and beneath the gaze of 2500 military veterans. No pressure there, then!

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